Video Surveillance

SGSC is committed to the enhancement of public safety, the quality of life, and the maintenance of an environment conducive to quality education.  Security cameras provide peace of mind to students, faculty, staff, and visitors making the campus feel safer.Cameras located in public areas assist college security personnel, who can’t be everywhere at all times. When report of a crime in progress is received, cameras also can aid in identifying the location and dispatching officers.

Security cameras are intended to contribute to enhanced campus safety and the protection of people and property. With security cameras, colleges often experience a reduction in crime.  The system is not intended to interfere with the privacy of individuals who are not engaged in criminal activity. It is intended to observe suspicious, dangerous or illegal behavior, but not to observe people based on group profiles including, but not limit ed, to race, gender, age, sexual orientation or expression or clothing styles.

Man watching security cameras

Another man watching security cameras

Campus Security staff are trained in the legal and ethical issues involved and know that they are not to track individuals unless they have reason to suspect the individual is a threat to people or property or in violation of campus policies, rules, and regulations.

Cameras are not used in areas of the school where staff or students have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” Cameras are used in places where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Examples include common areas such as hallways, cafeterias, libraries and parking lots.