Useful Resources

National, State, and Local Hotline Information

There are numerous resources and support accessible for those that have concerns about Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Drug and Alcohol Problems, Mental Health Issues, etc. A listing of national, state, and local hotline numbers is available by clicking here.                                               

Available Services

Safety Escort Service:
SGSC provides safety escorts to the campus community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine.  SGSC personnel will walk you from your building to your car, or anywhere else on campus.  This service available 24 hours a day.  Call 912.384.7675 to request an officer on the Douglas Campus and you will be provided with an escort.  For escorts on Waycross campus, contact 912.287.4335 or any faculty or staff member.

Crime Reporting:
SGSC makes diligent efforts to advise members of the campus community about crime and crime-related problems.  The college's duty to inform is taken very seriously - as a result, information related to crime and criminal activity is provided in an accurate and timely fashion.  Notification efforts and methods include:
• ANNUAL REPORT: A comprehensive annual report of crime-related information is compiled, published, and distributed.
• SPECIAL ALERTS: If circumstances warrant, special alerts are prepared and distributed.  Methods of distribution include email, text messaging, the media, phone calls, etc.

SGSC offers jumpstart for disabled vehicles.  When calling, be sure to give your location and vehicle description.  SGSC assumes no liability for damages.

Medical Transports:
The Douglas Campus provides transportation to CRMC or the Walk-In clinic in a case of emergency.  Transport to the emergency room is provided only when emergency care is needed, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Both campuses utilize EMS services as needed.

Lost and Found                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Student Success manages lost and found at SGSC.  Visit one of our campus locations if you have misplaced or find property.

  • Douglas Campus - Powell Hall
  • Waycross Campus - STEM Center in the Dye Building

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are SGSC PD officers "real" police officers?
Yes, all police officers are certified in accordance with the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council rules and regulations.  They have the same arrest power as the city, county and state law enforcement officers.

2. What measures can I take to increase my security on campus?
• Attend safety orientations and read safety handbooks.
• Call 911 for emergencies.  In nonemergency situations, call 912.384.7675.
• Report all crimes or suspicious incidents.
• Walk in pairs or call for an escort especially at night.
• Always be aware of your surroundings.
• Do not leave vehicle or residence hall doors unlocked at any time.
• Keep residence hall keys and access cards safe. If keys and cards are lost, notify your Residence Life and Housing ASAP.
• Cooperate with law enforcement and security personnel.

3. What should I do if I see something suspicious on campus?
The first thing to do is ensure your own safety.  Contact the nonemergency number on either cmapus.  State what the problem is and the location of the incident.  Give as much information as possible about the people involved (e.g., how many are involved and a description of what they are wearing).  Call 911 if an emergency.

4. How far out from the campus does your jurisdiction extend?
Our jurisdiction extends 500 yards in every direction from any property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents.

5. What are the business hours of the Police Depaertment?
SGSC police and security are responsible for patrolling the campus and responding to requests for service 24 hours a day, 365 days year on the Douglas Campus.

SGSC police are available on the Waycross Campus during regular business hours.  Law enforcement services are provided by the Waycross Police Department on the Waycross Campus after hours.  Non-emergency services on the Waycross Campus can be obtained by calling 912.287.4335. 

6. I am at the SGSC Police Department (Douglas) and I can't access the building/no one is there.  What should I do?
Ring the bell and knock loudly.  If no one responds, call 912.260.4401.  If there is no answer, call the nonemergency number at 912.384.7675 and an officer will be dispatched to meet you.

7.  Can I consume alcohol on campus if I am of age?
No, South Georgia State College is a dry campus.   No alcohol is allowed even by those of age.  Under age consumption/possession of alcohol is a zero tolerance offense at SGSC.

8. What happens if I get in trouble off campus?
Students are required to engage in responsible social conduct that reflects positively upon the college community.  Modeling good citizenship is expected. So yes, you can be written up on campus for infractions and violations of the law.

10.  I’ve locked my keys in my vehicle.  Will you unlock it for me?  What about if I need a jump start?
SGSC does not unlock vehicles for liability reasons.  Check with a local locksmith who will respond in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are in need of a jump start, please call SGSC police on the Douglas Campus or Physical Plant on the Waycross Campus.