Citations and Appeals

Parking Penalties and Appeals

The penalties for violating parking rules and regulations include fines, student conduct referrals, vehicle "boots", and loss of campus parking privileges.  Those parking on campus are responsible for any fines or fees associated with parking contrary to the Parking and Traffic rules.   Parking fees are assessed for a one year period beginning the date of your first citation.  Fine amount can be accessed in the Common Questions portion of this site.  Citations issued for repeat offenses result in an increase of fines for additional citations. Additionally, a vehicle will be booted upon the fourth offense and the operator will be required to pay a boot removal fee of $50.00 and any outstanding parking citations before removal.  Citations will be voided only in the case of error by the issuing officer.  You are not entitled to a warning for your first offense.

File a Parking Appeal  WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIVING A CITATION.  Appeals will be heard through the Student Conduct Board.  Notifications of the appeal results will be emailed to SGSC email accounts.