Metric Four

Metric 4: Persistence Rates ( % enrolled fall term and subsequent term or graduated) for Tutored and Non-Tutored Students

Persistence rate is defined as the percentage of students enrolled in fall semester and subsequently enrolled the following spring semester or graduated. In the table below persistence rate is disaggregated for students participating in tutoring opportunities and students not participating in tutoring opportunities, since data demonstrates that tutoring increases student achievement and should be strongly encouraged. At SGSC tutoring is available to students on either the Douglas or Waycross campuses at academic success centers, STEM centers, writing centers, and online through

Table 4 below shows student persistence rate in two categories, students participating in tutoring and students not participating in tutoring, to underscore the importance of seeking help with difficult course content.

Table 4

SGSC Student Persistence Rates, Tutored Vs. Non-Tutored

Academic Term/Year



Fall 2015



Fall 2016



Fall 2017



Fall 2018



Fall 2019



Five-Year Average



Source: SGSC Banner; TutorTrac;

Analysis and Evaluation of Metric 4

Table 4 demonstrates that, for each of the five fall semester cohorts reported on, students participating in tutoring persist at a much higher rate (83.72% five-year average) than students who do not take advantage of tutoring (75.51 five-year average). It is noteworthy, too, that even for students who do not seek tutoring three-fourths will persist from fall to spring terms, thus increasing their likelihood of completing an academic degree or successfully transferring to another institution. The persistence rate indicates that SGSC is preparing students and providing avenues for student achievement. SGSC’s metric goal is that the persistence rate for all students will reach 80% for fall 2022. To reach this goal SGSC continues to engage all faculty, academic advisors, and student success entities to participate in the early alert process and to encourage students to seek tutoring through the variety of means available. The minimum acceptable threshold for persistence is 75% for fall 2021 non-tutored students and 80% for tutored students.