Metric Five

Metric 5: Pass Rates on National Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN)

Achieving a passing score on NCLEX-RN is required for certification as an RN in the State of Georgia. The Georgia Board of Nursing expects that institutions providing Nursing programs in the State of Georgia will maintain a minimum annual NCLEX-RN pass rate of 80%. The data below shows the average pass rate for SGSC Nursing students over the most recent five-year period.  

 NCLEX-RN Pass Rates   SGSC Georgia National
2019 97.87 90.33 85.17
2020 95.00 87.91 82.80
2021 86.67 85.24 78.78
2022 82.26 82.21 77.93
2023 81.69 91.44 87.76
5-Year Average 88.70 87.43 82.49
Source: Georgia Board of Nursing

Analysis and Evaluation of Metric 5

The NCLEX-RN pass rate data shows that for every year reported since 2018, the SGSC average pass rate has exceeded the Georgia and national rates. The SGSC five-year average of 91.38 is exceptional compared to the Georgia average of 86.62 and the national average of 81.96. SGSC aims to meet a pass rate goal of 91.00 each year.