Metric Three

Metric 3: Degrees Conferred by Degrees Offered

South Georgia State College (SGSC) experienced a steady increase in degrees conferred and held strong, even increasing the number of degrees conferred in FY 2021 during the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, beginning in FY 2022, degrees awarded began to decline due largely to the pandemic severely disrupting American society and higher education. For SGSC students, several factors contributed to their delayed time-to-degree, including changes to financial aid, the need to get jobs — even low-skill, low-paying jobs — to support their families amid the ongoing pandemic, caring for others whose care arrangements had been disrupted, and other reasons related to the pandemic.

SGSC has invested in the support structures needed to help its students maintain steady and effective progress toward their degrees. The two SGSC campuses have academic success tutoring centers, STEM centers, writing centers, and 24/7 tutoring availability through In addition, there is a student success program for residential students on the Douglas Campus (to residence halls on the Waycross Campus).

Enrollments and Degrees Conferred by Degree                     FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022 FY 2023
Associate Degree 261 302 312 223 182 
Career Associate Degree 48 42 44 61  71
Bachelor's Degree 65 69 96 81 86 
Total 374 413 452 365 339 
Source: USG ADC Census; USG Degrees Conferred Reports -  

Analysis and Evaluation of Metric 3

Both transfer associate and bachelor's degree production continued to increase through FY 2021 despite enrollment decreases during the five years – most notably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from the effects of COVID-19, enrollment decreases are primarily due to the termination of a college non-degree entry program on another USG institution's campus and some dual enrollment core curriculum offerings at area high schools. The continuing COVID-19 pandemic created uncertainty regarding enrollment and graduation rates; consequently, the metric goal is 480 total graduates for FY 2025, with a minimum threshold of acceptability of 460— still above the number for FY 2021.