SAP Calculator

Satisfactory Academic Progress Calculator

Using the SAP Calculator

To determine how many hours you need to earn in future semesters to comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, you can enter estimated information in the SAP Calculator. Using your academic transcript, review the Transcript Totals for Attempted Hours and Earned Hours and enter these totals in the calculator below. You may view your academic transcript using Banner Web.

NOTE: If you have Learning Support (LS) course work, you may exclude the first 30 hours of LS from the attempted and earned hours. LS course work in excess of 30 hours must be included in the attempted and earned hours. 

For example, you could plug in 12 Attempted Hours and 12 Earned Hours for your next semester of enrollment to see how that will change your percentage ratio. Beneath the calculator, the policy requirements are listed for your convenience.


  Attempted Hours Earned Hours  
Hours From Transcript  
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Total Hours  
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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Requirements


Percentage of Hours Completed - You must complete (with a grade of A, B, C, D, or S) 67% of cumulative attempted hours for which you registered.

  • Dropped courses: All classes registered for at the end of the drop / add period are counted.
  • Transfer credits: All transfer credits applicable to degree requirements count.
  • Consortium credits: Consortium credits do count.
  • Consequence: Failure to achieve 67% of all attempted hours will result in Financial Aid suspension.