1098 T

The following are instructions for accessing your 1098T information on Self Service Banner:

1. Proceed to the Self-Service Banner link on the SGSC website.

2. Log into your Self Service Banner account using the following:

Username: Your username is the first part of your email before the @ symbol

Password: Your current email password

NOTE: If it’s your first time signing-in, your initial password uses the following schema: If your name is Jane Doe your password will be sgscJDXXXX, where the sgsc is the acronym for South Georgia State College, the J is the first letter of the first name (capitalized) and the letter D is the first letter of the last name (also capitalized), the XXXX represents the last four digits of your Student ID (or 988 number).

3. Choose Student Services and Financial Aid.

4. Choose Student Records.

5. Choose Tax Year.

  • Enter the tax year needed
  • Choose Submit

6. Choose Tax Notification

7. Print the page

Your 1098-T form will not be mailed.  Hard copies are available upon request by contacting Beth McSwain at 912.449.7526 or by email at