Program Details


Bachelor of Science in Management

Credit Hours: 120                               

Program Format: Hybrid

The Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) degree is designed to develop business students who have the ability to enter the workforce with a strong understanding of sound management, financial, organizational, communication, and critical thinking skills. This goal is achieved through an interdisciplinary approach that centers on core management courses enhanced by relevant courses in the social sciences, humanities, and other business disciplines.

  • Must complete an application to SGSC and be accepted by  the SGSC Office of Admissions or be a currently enrolled SGSC student.
  • Must hold an Associate of Science degree or meet the prerequisite course requirements to enter the program as a junior
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.5
  • Must submit official, final transcripts from any college the applicant has attended other than SGSC to both the SGSC Office of Admissions and to Dr. Joseph Holloway. Currently enrolled students do not need to submit any transcripts unless they have attended another college or university. 


For additional information regarding the BSM Admissions Requirements, click here. 


The program is cohort-based, meaning that all students in an entering group (cohort) will follow a similar schedule of classes over the course of their time in the program. Courses for the BSM program are offered on both the Douglas and Waycross campuses. These courses are 8-weeks in length and are hybrid in nature. These courses are offered at night to accommodate working professionals continuing their education.

Please note that due to the cohort structure of the program, courses are not offered every term. 

MGMT 3101: Principles of Management- This survey course emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage an organization. Students will study the basic managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling resources to accomplish organizational goals

FINA 3103: Financial Management- This course provides an overview of business financial management. Emphasis is on financial statement analysis, time value of money, management of cash flow, risk and return, and sources of financing. The course is intended to develop a basic understanding of financial concepts and techniques, and an ability to apply them in arriving at management decisions within the context of specific business situations. It covers the development and use of the basic tools and operational/ quality measures for financial administration, financial analysis, planning and control, investment decisions, and management of sources of funds. Prerequisites: ACCT 2101 and ACCT 2102.

The Bachelor of Science in Managment Program has three options intended to support the Management coursework: Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and FinTech. For more information about the BSM options, click here

The BSM program prepares students for roles in middle management or small business ownership in a wide range of industries. The three options of concentration (Marketing, Organizational Behavior, & FinTech) for the BSM program provide additional career opportunities related to the students' choice of option. Graduates of the BSM program are well suited to furthering their education with a Masters Degree in Business (MBA).

For more information about the Bachelor of Science in Management program, contact

Dr. Joseph Holloway
Chair, BSM & PSL
Assistant Professor of Management
South Georgia State College

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