Compliance: Making the Case

"Making the Case" for Compliance

  • Guide reviewers directly to evidence -- without supporting evidence, assertions of conformity are meaningless.
  • Linked existing support documentation strengthens the case more than assertions.
  • Reviewers enjoy connections interwoven in the story and mentioned at the end of each regular section.
  • Reviewers value and respond favorably to "layered" evidence presentation.
  • Compliance Certification links should direct reviewers to relevant support documentation.

Documenting Compliance

  • Respond directly to the wording of the standard
  • Address all parts of the standard
  • Avoid information not related to the standard
  • Present your response based on how you understand the standard.

Institutional Policy Requirement

  • Implicit in every standard mandating a policy or procedure is the expectation that the policy or procedure is in writing.
  • Approved through appropriate institutional processes.
  • Published in appropriate institutional documents.
  • Accessible to those affected by the policy or procedure.
  • Implemented and enforced by the institution.