Road to 2026 Reaffirmation

Road to 2026 Reaffirmation

The following timeline is subject to change.





Kick-Off and Training
  • Appoint a Reaffirmation Leadership Committee.
  • Appoint a QEP Topic Selection Committee.
  • Identify and train accreditation core and functional teams.
  • Conduct an internal compliance audit.
  • Create and maintain the internal SACSCOC document repository.
March-May 2024
QEP Topics
  • Call for QEP Concept Papers

March-May 2024

Draft Narratives and Review
  • Functional teams write initial Compliance Certification narratives and revise them after internal reviews.
QEP Topic Identified
  • Begin researching, writing, and supporting the QEP.
Summer 2024
Quality Check
  • Final quality check of the Compliance Certification narrative
  • Review the initial QEP draft.
Fall 2024
SACSCOC Advisory Visit (VP Dr. Kelli Randall)
  • Investigate concerns, questions, and themes of interest concerning the reaffirmation process.
  • Address specific areas of the Certification of Compliance, such as requirement/standard interpretation, documentation concerns, and avoiding typical problems other institutions encounter.
  • Discuss the Quality Enhancement Plan and investigate specific concerns about the QEP.
  • Respond to queries about the timing and components of the peer review process.
November 2024**

Off-Site Review

Compliance Certification
  • Submit Compliance Certification, relevant supporting documents, and updated Institutional Summary Form.
March 1, 2025
QEP Lead Evaluator
  • Nomination due
April 1, 2024
Off-Site Review and Report
  • Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee reviews Compliance Certification.
April 22-25, 2025
Review of the Report
  • SACSCOC staff provide feedback from the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee
June 2025
QEP Pre-Submission
  • Finalize the plan to include the topic discovery process, pertinent research, student learning outcomes, and an evaluation of the project's learning-improving activities. The committee will create an implementation infrastructure design, a multiyear implementation and assessment budget, and an implementation work plan.
June - July 2025

On-Site Review

Materials for the Committee
  • Submit updated Institutional Summary Form, Compliance Certification (narratives only), Catalog, Quality Enhancement Plan, and Focused Report (if needed).
August 2025
Quality Enhancement Plan & Focused Report
  • Submit the QEP and Focus Report (if needed) to the On-Site Committee six weeks before the campus visit.
September 8, 2025
On-Site Visit and Report
  • The On-Site Committee visits Douglas and Waycross campuses to evaluate QEP, review areas of non-compliance noted by the Off-Site Reaffirmation Committee, and review all other standards and areas of concern. The On-Site Reaffirmation Committee completes the out-brief and Report to the Commission.
Fall 2025

Commission Review

Response to the Visiting Committee Report
  • Prepare a response to any recommendations in the On-Site Report and submit the Report, including the QEP.
Spring 2026
Commission Action
  • SACS Commission on Colleges determines action and provides status (Reaffirmation, Monitoring Report, Sanctions).
June 8-11, 2026

**Subject to change