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Frequently Asked Questions for Students 

 May I take all my classes online if I don’t feel comfortable returning to campus?

 SGSC will offer a mix of instructional options, including fully online, face-to-face, hybrid, split hybrid and partial. Check with your academic   advisor to see what options may be right for you.

 What will my classroom or lab look like with social distancing?

 Classrooms and labs are being configured for social distancing guidelines. Seating protocols will be established so that social distancing   guidelines are maintained. Science labs have been configured to fit a maximum of 20 students using proper distancing. Signs and  floor   markings will establish social distancing boundaries. Based on social distancing guidelines, room type and room configurations, non-   instructional spaces may be utilized for classroom space and room capacity may be lowered.

 What methods of instruction are available?

 Fully Online: All instruction is online and conducted through our learning management system, GeorgiaVIEW.

 Face-to-Face: Classes in the ASN (Associate of Science in Nursing) program will meet in person. Some classes that are scheduled for one day a   week will also meet in person. See   the student class schedule for the day and time if required.

 Hybrid: Hybrid courses are a mixture of in-class and online learning experiences. Students will spend one day each week in a face-to-face   environment, but also have structured online work that complements the face-to-face component of the course.

 Split Hybrid: In split hybrid courses, class members will be assigned to one of two days a week for in-class instruction. For example, for a   Monday, Wednesday class, half of the students will attend in person on Monday, and the other half on Wednesday. As detailed in the hybrid   description, the other half of the class is engagement with structured online content.

 Partial: A partial course consists of a limited number of in-person class meetings with the majority of the course being conducted in the online   mode. In-person class meetings may be as few as five or less. Typically, students should approach these classes overall as they would a fully   online course.

 What academic and student support services will be in place?

 Academic and student support services will be available, either virtually or in-person with social distancing guidelines. Updates on academic   services can be found here: /academics/academic-success

 Will the Library be open?

 Plans are to reopen the libraries with safety precautions in place, adhering to social distancing guidelines. Virtual Assistance from Library Staff   is available on both campuses from 8am-6pm Monday - Thursday and 8am-12 Noon on Fridays.

 What if I need help with technology?

 Students who need assistance with technology may contact SGSC’s Information Technology Department by submitting a ticket at the Student   Help Desk Ticket

 The “SGSC Students” and “eduroam” Wi-Fi networks are available when you are on the Douglas and Waycross campuses. Also, depending on   your location, you may have access to Wi-Fi through eduroam off campus. The eduroam service allows you to use your SGSC credentials to   connect to the Wi-Fi network at any University System of Georgia school or any other location around the globe that has the eduroam service.   Please click here to learn more about eduroam.

 Please see the links below for additional resources.


Student ID/Email Lookup

E-mail & GeorgiaVIEW Login Help

Student Help Desk Ticket

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Brightspace App (GeorgiaVIEW)



GeorgiaVIEW Support

Live Safe App

SGSC Email

WEPA Printing Kiosks

 Will face coverings be required?

 Effective July 15, 2020, USG institutions will require all faculty, staff, students, service providers and visitors to wear an appropriate face   covering while inside campus facilities/buildings. Face covering use will be in addition to and is not a substitute for physical distancing.

 Face coverings are not required in a student’s own dorm room or suite, when alone in an enclosed office or study room, or in campus outdoor   settings where physical distancing requirements are met. Anyone not using a face covering when required will be asked to wear one or must   leave the area. Repeated refusal to comply with the requirement may result in disciplinary action through the applicable conduct code for   students, faculty or staff. Reasonable accommodations may be made for those who are unable to wear a face covering for documented health   reasons.


 Are we going to be able to sit in the dining hall and eat?

 The Dining Hall at the Douglas Campus will be reconfigured to allow for social distancing. Students will have the option to take items to-go. All   silverware used will be disposable. Beverages will either be served in bottles and/or disposable cups.

 Students should be able to swipe their own ID at the Cashier’s Window to prevent multiple persons handling the ID card.

 All persons are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing and are required to wear face masks that cover both the mouth and nose,   except to eat or drink

 Will Clower in Douglas and the Game Room in Waycross be open?

 The Clower Center (Douglas) and Game Room (Waycross) will be open but adhere to safety protocols. The occupancy will be limited in each   area and a time limit will be imposed if there are other students waiting to use the facility. All persons will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer   upon entering the facility. Staff will have access to adequate sanitizing supplies and masks and sanitize each area and equipment after each use.  

 The seating areas will be reconfigured to maintain social distancing. Checking out games and equipment that cannot be easily cleaned (i.e. cards   and board games) will be discontinued.

 What precautions are being taken in the residence halls?

 Residence Life is planning, cleaning, and initiating distancing initiatives to prevent the spread of disease, while still providing the community   atmosphere of the residence halls. Our plans include:

  • Increasing cleaning in common area spaces.
  • Using hand sanitizer stations throughout the facilities.
  • Training (via video, PowerPoint, and in-person) Resident Assistants (RAs) and other Residence Life & Housing staff on recommended guidelines for social distancing, the use of PPEs, and other best practices for reducing the spread of COVID-19.
  • Adjusting the Guest Policy: Non-SGSC residential students or guests are prohibited per recommendation from the USG.
  • Encouraging the practice of social distancing and requiring the wearing of face masks that cover both the mouth and nose when they are in shared spaces, not including their room. 
  • Requiring students exhibiting Coronavirus-like symptoms to be tested off-campus.  While results are pending and/or if a student tests positive, the student will need to return to their permanent residence if possible.  Students not able to return home will move to isolation/quarantine apartments (single-occupancy) established on the 3rd Floor of Tiger I residence hall.  Meals will be delivered by residence hall staff to the students who are isolating/quarantining in Tiger I.

 What about student events?

 Currently, Campus Life are hosting events virtually. For spring, programs and events will be held virtually and/or in small groups until further notice. Clubs and organizations may continue to meet in groups that do not exceed the maximum number of attendees as recommended by the CDC and government agencies at the time, and all individuals will be expected to practice social distancing and are required to wear face masks that cover both the mouth and nose.  Larger groups will need to meet virtually. 

 What to expect when returning to classes this fall to keep the Hawk Nation safe!


 All of our classrooms have been modified for social   distancing. All students will be expected to stay 6 feet   apart.


 SGSC will provide disinfectant wipes in hallways where   classrooms meet. Students are responsible for wiping   down their desk area when they enter each class.

 Face Coverings

 Face coverings are required in classrooms and in any   situation where social distancing cannot be maintained.

 Entering/Exiting Classrooms   and Buildings

 Face coverings and social distancing are important for   entering and exiting buildings. Be patient and allow others   to fully enter/exit a doorway before proceeding yourself.

 Outdoor Spaces

 Face covering is required when social distancing cannot be   maintained.

 What if I think I might have   Covid-19?

 If you are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19,   please seek medical attention. If you need guidance on   where you can be cared for please contact the Dean of   Students & Housing, Sandra Adams at 912-260-4416 or   via  email at

 Students (commuter and residence hall) are asked to   complete a COVID-19 student self-report form on line if   they have been potentially exposed to or tested positive   for COVID-19.


 What if it is confirmed that I   have Covid-19?

 If you have tested positive for COVID-19 please contact   the Dean of Students & Housing, Sandra Adams at 912-   260-4416 or via email at for   further guidance. Students (commuter and residence hall)   are asked to complete a COVID-19 student self-report   form on line if they have been potentially exposed to or   tested positive for COVID-19.

 During this time please follow the following guidelines:

  1.  Stay at a place of residence except to get medical attention
  2. Separate yourself from other people and animals in your residence
  3. Call ahead before visiting your doctor
  4. Wear a facemask
  5. Cover your coughs and sneezes
  6. Avoid sharing personal household items
  7. Clean your hands often
  8. Clean all “high-touch” surfaces everyday
  9. Monitor your symptoms

 Is it possible that courses could return to all-online this spring?

 Because of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, SGSC has plans that include three basic contingencies: 1) in-person instruction (with   physical distancing expectations); 2) 100% online instruction; and 3) beginning the semester with an in-person instruction, but if needed, t   transition to 100% instruction during the semester.

 Where can I find additional information released by SGSC on COVID-19?

 Additional resources and an archive of previously released information can be found here.

 Who can I contact if I have questions?

 The following offices on campus are available if you need help or have specific questions about the information shared in this guide.


 Sandra Adams
 Dean of Students and Housing