Frequently Requested Forms

Registrar Forms

Academic Renewal

Complete and submit to request Academic Renewal.  Student must have not attended SGSC for five or more years to qualify for Academic Renewal.  Review the Academic Renewal Policy for qualifications.  Contact us for more information.

Academic Appeal Form

To return to SGSC after an Academic Suspension, a student must sit out for the appropriate term(s), and complete and submit an Academic Appeal Form. Please note that a Letter of Appeal must be uploaded. Trouble signing in at the link above? Try this link instead:  Academic Appeal Form.

Address/Phone/Name Change Form

Complete and submit to inform SGSC of any change in your address, phone number(s), or name.  Proper documentation is needed for name change.  Examples of acceptable documentation include marriage certificate, driver’s license, or new Social Security card.

Change of Advisor Request Form

Complete and submit to request a change of advisor. Change of Advisor requests are subject to the review of the Registrar’s Office and advisor availability. 

Change of Pathway/Major Form

Complete and submit to change your pathway or major.

Course Substitution Form

Complete with an advisor to request approval for a course substitution. The substitute course should, as a rule of thumb, have some natural relationship to the required course. For example, the substitution of ENGL 2111 for ARTS 2205 would probably be an appropriate exchange since both are humanities courses and Core courses. On the other hand, substituting POLS 1101 for ACCT 2101 would not be appropriate since there is no natural correlation between the two courses.

Credit by Examination Form

Credit by Examination guidelines are listed on the form. Appropriate signatures must be included for review. 

Enrollment Verification Form

Complete and submit to request Enrollment Verification if you need proof of enrollment for insurance purposes, employment, housing, etc.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Complete and submit this online consent to allow us to release information to your parent(s) or others whom you designate.
This consent will remain in effect for two years unless otherwise specified.

If paper form is needed: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Graduation Application

Complete and submit to apply for Graduation.

Hardship Withdrawal Form

Complete and submit to request a Hardship Withdrawal. A Hardship Withdrawal is defined as a non-academic circumstance which prevents a student from successfully completing a course. This is only necessary if you withdrawal after midterm. Proper documentation must be provided for review of the Hardship Withdrawal. 

Petition for Spring Commencement Participation (Summer Candidates Only)

Complete to apply to walk in the Spring Commencement Ceremony as a Summer Graduate.

Registration Cancellation Form

Complete to cancel your registration. This form is only to be used to cancel all classes before the term begins.  This form is not to be used to drop inidvidual classes and should not be used after the term begins.

Registration/Schedule Change Form

Complete with an advisor during registration.

Registration/Schedule Change Form for First-Time, Full-Time Students

First-Time, Full-Time students should complete with advisor during registration.

Test Scores/Immunization Request

Complete to request test scores and/or immunization records . 

Transcript Request

Current and former SGSC students must order official transcripts online. Transcripts will not be issued for students who have an outstanding balance or unfulfilled obligation to the College. The cost per transcript is $10.00. Additional charges may apply depending on the method of delivery chosen.

Transient Student Request Form

Complete with your advisor to request Transient permission at another institution.

Withdrawal Form

Complete and submit this online to the Registrar's Office to withdraw from one or more courses.