Use Newspaper Articles for Contemporary Coverage

Newspapers are great resource for research information on current or historical issues and events.

Click here to access GALILEO and follow the steps outlined below to access the newspaper databases. You can also get to GALILEO by clicking on the "GALILEO-Find Articles and More" link from the SGSC Libraries homepage, After accessing GALILEO, click on the "Browse by Type" link.

Screen shot for GALILEO newspaper search using browse by type option

The Browse by Type screen offers a variety of publication types, including newspapers. Click on the "Newspapers" link in right-hand column as shown below.

Screen shot of list of newspaper databases - choose newspapers

This link will take you to a list of newspaper databases (see screen image below). Scroll down the screen and click on the database of your choice to access the search screen of the respective database.

Newspaper Source, ProQuest Newspapers, and Regional Business News provides access to many newspaper publications within each database.

Alternatively, you may want to limit your search within a single publication, such as ProQuest's Atlanta Journal Constitution, Wall Street Journal, or Washington Post.

Screen shot of a browse by type for newspapers with list of muliple newspaper serach results.