Special Collections



Mission Statement

The mission of the South Georgia State College Archives and Special Collections is to identify, collect, arrange, preserve and make accessible the historical records of South Georgia State College as well as other unique, specialized and rare materials relevant to the area.  The Archives serves as an institutional repository of non-current records of varying formats having enduring value to the institution that were created by the staff and affiliates of the college, especially retaining those records which document the development, growth and history of the college.

Furthermore, the mission is to encourage the use of these materials for research and to support the informational needs of SGSC faculty, staff, students, researchers and the community. 

To accomplish this mission, Archives and Special Collections will:

  • Accept and arrange information resources created by or about the College in support of administration, teaching, research and services.
  • Collect, preserve and provide access to materials relating to the history of South Georgia State College, including research and other educational efforts, as well as materials relating to local culture, geography and ecology.
  • Provide appropriate facilities for the retention, preservation, servicing and research use of such records.
  • Support the recognition and growth of South Georgia State College by providing information services and outreach.
  • Promote research, teaching and lifelong learning by facilitating and encouraging the use of the South Georgia State College community and the public.




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William S. Smith Library – Douglas Campus

Waycross Library – Waycross Campus