Student Hiring Process

Hiring Manager

1. Department Submits Request Form

2. Job Postings – All open positions must be posted and available to all students to promote fair and equitable recruiting for all positions.  Supervisors – Submit Job Description and the number of approved available positions to HR for posting via sgscstudentemployment@sgsc.edu ​​​​​.

  • Student applies to Job Posting via "Employment Opportunities" link.  Students are free to apply to any jobs that they meet the minimum qualifications.

3. Review applicants & interview student(s). 

  • Interview/Selection Process - Supervisor screen applicants and follow the screening and interview process to select the best candidate(s) for the available position(s).  Submit all interview/screening notes to HR.

4. Make offer of employment to student(s).

  • Job Offer - Hiring Manager makes job offer to qualified candidate and provide candidate with paperwork to visit HR. 

5. Onboarding Process

  • Position of Trust positions will require background checks (HR will notify department manager if applicable).
  • Student will receive onboarding packets via Equifax.

Returning Student Employees

  • Hiring Manager complete steps with the Office of Financial Aid to confirm student(s) elibiligity.
  • Share documentation with the Office of Human Resources.

Students have several opportunities towork while they attend SGSC.

Work-Study Student Assistant:

The Office of Financial Aid determines student eligibility for Federal Assistance and awards work-study funding accordingly. 

Institutional Student Assistant:

Positions are subject to need and availability of departmental funding.  The Business Office will determine funds availability.  

   Students are required to meet the following criterias:

  • Students must be enrolled for at least six credit hours to work as a student employee.
  • Must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Must not work more than 1300 hours in a 12 consecutive month period.  Students cannot work more than 19 hours per week.  (Some FWS students maybe qualified for less than 19 hours per week, follow Financial Aid approved hours).
  • Students employees should work with their supervisor to ensure their work schedule does not interfere with or negatively impact the academic studies.

Applying for Job

Students should apply for the position they desire through the employment opportunities link on the SGSC website or visit the HR website.

Upon receiving a job offer, the student should visit the Office of Human Resources with original identification to complete the I9 Employment Eligibility Verification (see list of acceptable documentations).  You are required to present one item from List A or one item from List B and List C.  Click here for a list of acceptable documents.

The student will receive an email from an HR Representative with instructions to complete the onboarding paperwork.  This will include completing the onboarding paperwork through Equifax, and if the student will be working in a Position of Trust role, the student will receive an invitation to complete a background check through Accurate Background, Inc.

Once the onboarding process has been completed, both the student and the time approver will receive an email confirmation from the Office of Human Resources, clearing student to begin work.  Students must not begin working until they received the cleared to work email from the Office of Human Resources.

Compliance Training must be completed in GeorgiaView and other platforms within the first 30 days of the student's start date. 

  • Ethics Training
  • Right to Know Training
  • Clery Act Training
  • Cybersecurity Training

Depending on the position you will be working in, you will be required to complete additional compliance training like:

  • Title IX
  • Campus Security Authority (CSA)
  • Minors on Campus


Direct Deposit

All South Georgia State College employees are required to set-up Direct Deposit upon hire.  Employees are responsible for updating their account information in OneUSG.


All earning are subject to state and federal income tax regulations.  Students who are enrolled for 6 credit hours or more during the academic year are exemplt from FICA and Medicare taxes. 

Entering Time

All students are required to record their own hours worked.

  • Hours worked must be actual hours worked and not projected based on work schedule.
  • Falsifying hours worked is illegial and a violation of policy and can result in termination.

Hiring Managers are encouraged to pursue progressive discipline when appropriate (verbal, written, written with action, termination, etc.)

Hiring Managers shall notify the Department of Human Resources to ensure proper documenation prior to terminating an employee.  Submit termination documentation for the employee file and the Financial Aid Office (FWS student employee).

Hiring Managers are required to notify the Department of Human Resources of all student employees who will be leaving the college through graduation or otherwise.  

  • Submit termination form to sgscstudentemployment@sgsc.edu.
  • Send an email to sgscstudentemployment@sgsc.edu with student name and reason for leaving SGSG (graduating, transfering, etc.).