StayWell@SGSC - Part of the University System of Georgia Mental Health Initiative

The University System of Georgia has launched a program to expand mental health resources. South Georgia State College has joined with them to offer its students

access to the help and support needed while trying to navigate the changes and challenges many face.

StayWell@SGSC gives students 24/7 access to counselors and mental health resources to help them cope - from minor issues to major concerns.

StayWell Mental Health Support Line


Call the 24/7 Support Line for:

  • In-the-moment support for mental health issues
  • Connections to next steps
  • No-cost telehealth and in-person treatment sessions, provided by a network of licensed clinicians

Additional StayWell Services

  • The StayWell Wellness Hub, provides an online wellness magazine with educational content, self-help tools, and resource links
  • The StayWell app is available to be downloaded through the Apple App store and the Google App store.
  • Psychiatric services and medication management are available.


Information on the StayWell app:

To access the Wellness Hub on your phone, click to download the CampusWell app for Android or Apple. Once downloaded, search for the South Georgia State College to access the StayWell@SGSC Wellness Hub.