Library Research Quiz

Library Research Quiz

Please take this quick Library Research Quiz. 

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1. Your research topic should be
2. To construct a search strategy on your research topic, you should:
3. You should use ____ to find background information as well as key dates and facts on your topic.
4. Which is the best resource for information on an issue reported the previous evening on CNN?
5. To assess the credibility of information published on a website, one should look for
6. Which is the best tool to use to find out if the SGSC Libraries have books on your topic?
7. Which Boolean operator is used to connect synonyms (similar terms) and increase search results?
8. To search in GALILEO from a computer off campus, you will first have to retrieve and enter
9. Plagiarism is
10. For questions about finding resources on your research topic and research assistance, you should
11. Please rate the following statement: The Electronic Library Orientation helped me learn how to do library research.

Thank you for completing the Library Research Quiz!