B.S. in Long-Term Healthcare Management

Bachelor of Science in Long-Term Healthcare Management

The B.S. in Long-Term Healthcare Management will develop educational skills and knowledge for managers of long-term healthcare provided in patient residences and long-term care facilities. The program will focus on serving the aging, as well as individuals of any age who suffer from debilitating physical and mental disorders. The program curriculum and training experiences address a variety of healthcare concepts and practices, such as adult health, aging, and developmental disabilities across the lifespan, acute care, subacute care, chronic disease management, psychiatric issues, mental health, disease management, health promotion, and health restoration.

The program also focuses on leadership, organizational structure, human resources management strategies, operations management, finance, health law, marketing, communication, and decision-making. Additionally, students gain an increased understanding and knowledge of quality healthcare systems relating to quality assurance, risk management, managed care, insurance, ethics, and other information and practices important to managing in a demanding healthcare environment. Graduates of this program will have the skills to coordinate care among interdisciplinary health care professionals, community agencies, and long-term care facilities, all of which will increase quality of life and improve long-term outcomes.


The requirements for entry into the program are that the student must:

  • Submit an application and be admitted to SGSC.
  • Submit an application to the School of Nursing.
  • Submit official sealed copies of all transcripts from colleges and universities previously attended to the SGSC Admissions and the School of Nursing.
  • Exit all learning support classes prior to enrolling in the Long-Term Healthcare Management program.
  • Have an overall cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  • Have a grade of ‘C’ or better in course work.
  • Exit all learning support foundation, pre-requisite and core courses


  • A minimum grade of C is required in all science and general education courses included in the curriculum for BS in Long-term Healthcare Management.  
  • SGSC recommends that students applying for admission to bachelor's degree programs take the national SAT or ACT.  However, in the absence of SAT or ACT scores, AccuPlacer placement test scores will be used to determine admission standing based on the USG's English Placement Index (EPI) and Math Placement Index (MPI).  Students scoring below the minimum Learning Support (LS) Foundation Support Range for EPI or MPI will need to appeal for admissions. 
  • Students will be admitted to the BS in Long-Term Healthcare Management program with an LS Co-Requisite Support Range EPI (English) score of 3726 or greater and a Collegiate Placement Level MPI (non-STEM math) score of 989 or greater.
  • To enter the first two years of primarily core curriculum coursework, the student must meet the minimum admissions requirements for acceptance at SGSC.  Students must apply to enter the upper division junior and senior years of the program and must have earned a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average in lower division courses.

Student Learning Outcomes for the BS in Long-Term Healthcare Management are as follows:

  1. Students will identify trends and issues in the field of long-term healthcare management.
  2. Students will recognize legal and ethical issues associated with long-term healthcare management.
  3. Students will examine the economic factors associated with managed care. 
  4. Students will propose positive healthcare strategies for the management of patients with developmental/mental disabilities.
  5. Students will analyze the relationship between healthy aging and issues involving self-concept, sexuality, and intimacy.
  6. Students will evaluate the use of complementary and alternative therapies for optimal wellness.
  7. Students will appraise strategies to improve health promotion, maintenance, and restoration.
  8. Students will utilize current evidence-based practice and research findings to improve patient outcomes.
  9. Students will build communication skills to promote healthy interactive dynamics with individuals, families, and groups.
  10. Students will construct a plan for community education on and marketing of long-term healthcare resources through social media.


Students must successfully complete all courses required in the degree program. They must attain 120 semester credits for the BS program, achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) required for graduation, earn a GPA of 2.0 or higher in major courses, with no grade lower than a C, complete at least 60 program credits in residency at the school, and meet all other school graduation policies.


SGSC BS in Long-Term Healthcare Management Program Delivery

The SGSC School of Nursing offers the BS in Long-Term Healthcare Management program in a Partial format on the Waycross campus which means technology is used to deliver more than 50% of class sessions, but visits to a classroom are required.  Students are required to meet on the campus periodically each semester.  For additional information please contact: