Use eBooks from GALILEO

If you are not using a campus computer, you can access GALILEO form GeorgiaVIEW without a password.

To get the GALILEO password, go to the GIL-Find catalog.  Then, click on the sign-in link in the upper right of the screen and complete your sign-in to access the password from the GALILEO Password tab in your My Library Account. Contact the Douglas or Waycross campus library for your sign-in information.

You can go to the SGSC Libraries homepage and click on the "GALILEO - Find Articles and More" link located under the search box. Then, enter the current SGSC GALILEO password in all lower calse letters. (NOTE: SGSC's GALIELO password changes each semester).

One way to access eBooks is to click on "Browse by Type" from the GALILEO home page. Then, click on one of the several links to eBook collections.

Screen shot of a browse by type search for eBooks from the GALILEO home page.

The red arrows point out some of the popular databases that include eBooks.

Click on the eBook database of your choice, enter your search term(s) in the basic search box or click on Advanced Search for additional search options.

Screen shot of a list of databases for an eBook GALILEO search

You can also access eBooks that your search terms retrieve in the SGSC Libraries GIL-Find Catalog. On the left of the search results list, click on the "Full Access Online" link under the "Show only" section.  Or, you can simply scroll down the search results list and look for "Online Access" under the book titles. Then, click on the "View It" link to navigate to the eBook in GALILEO.

Screen shot of Full Access Online for eBooks

If you are using a computer on campus, the "View It" link will take you directly to the eBook.  If you are using an off-campus computer, you will need to enter the SGSC GALILEO password (in all lower case letters) to access the eBook.  Review the second paragraph in this article to retrieve SGSC's current GALILEO password.

You can search within an eBok by entering search terms in the eBook's search box and retrieve specific hyperlinked pages quickly that include these terms.

eBooks also include Cite links to help with your bibliography or reference list.   REMEMBER to consult a style manual to ensure the citation if formatted correctly and error free.