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Trinity School of Medicine & South Georgia State College Sign MD Admissions Agreement

Posted on Apr 08, 2021

Trinity School of Medicine today announced a new partnership with South Georgia State College. This partnership will create a guaranteed pathway to an accredited medical school for South Georgia State College (SGSC) students seeking to become physicians and advance healthcare opportunities in Southeast Georgia.


“This new partnership will help SGSC students in the Bachelor of Biological Science program achieve their goal of becoming credentialed physicians,” said Trinity School of Medicine president and CEO Steven Wilson. “Together, we have developed a streamlined admissions process with automatic acceptance for SGSC students who meet the required admission standards. It provides a clear, defined path to achieving a challenging goal. It also provides a unique opportunity for students to take their education abroad, gaining valuable global healthcare experience”


“We are very excited about the opportunity to provide SGSC students with a high-quality, pathway into an accredited medical school.” says Sam Mahra, Regional Director of Admissions at Trinity School of Medicine. “Our institutions have recognized the need to provide opportunities to students who attend college and universities in southeast Georgia. Graduates from SGSC who eventually graduate from Trinity School of Medicine can return to their communities and significantly impact healthcare access and the regional economy.  With limited medical schools, students need quality options and Trinity can meet that need.”


“South Georgia State College has a longstanding tradition of offering academic programs that opens doors for students to accomplish their educational goals and creating opportunities for future success in their career fields. This partnership will offer a seamless pathway for students to earn a bachelor’s degree at SGSC and then further their education at Trinity School of Medicine,” says SGSC President Dr. Ingrid Thompson-Sellers. “Our goal is to set the necessary foundation for students interested in an advanced healthcare field so they may take the next step and complete their education at an accredited medical school. This is one more way we can show our commitment to their long-term success.”


The benefits of this new partnership include.


  • Enhanced medical school admission guidance from Trinity School of Medicine staff
  • Guaranteed admission to an accredited medical school for qualified SGSC graduates
  • Provide a guaranteed pathway into an accredited medical school program for SGSC students



About Trinity School of Medicine: Trinity School of Medicine, is a highly accredited, international medical school located on the beautiful island of St. Vincent. Trinity holds itself to a special responsibility to train highly skilled physicians and to instill in them a passion and dedication to the health and welfare of the communities they will serve. The founders of Trinity set out to build a top-quality medical school recognized for excellence among all medical schools. We achieve that excellence through the personal investment we make in each student who enters our school, starting from the admissions process and continuing through their academic and clinical studies, into residencies and on into medical practice. U.S. and Canadian residency directors know the quality of Trinity graduates, who continue to secure top choice residencies in the annual U.S. and Canadian residency match programs in a broad range of specialties. Today, Trinity has become a school of choice for applicants to international medical schools.
Learn more about Trinity at https://www.trinityschoolofmedicine.org/


South Georgia State College: South Georgia State College is a state college of the University System of Georgia offering high quality associate and baccalaureate degree programs. The institution has a long and distinguished tradition of serving the people of Georgia through innovative teaching and learning experiences, a rich array of student activities and athletic programs, access to unique ecological sites and residential options to create a diverse, globally-focused and supportive learning environment. Students pursue associate degrees in over 20 programs of study which transfer to other institutions or prepare them for careers in a variety of fields in addition to eight baccalaureate degree programs. Learn more about SGSC at /