Library Psychology Research Orientation Quiz

Library Psychology Research Orientation

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1. To search in GALLILEO from a computer off campus, you will first have to retrieve and enter
2. The "Cite" links in GALILEO databases
3. The GALLILEO password changes
4. GALILEO will recommend psychology databases for you to search through a feature called
5. Some search screens in GALILEO's databases allow you to check a peer-review box to retrieve articles that
6. Your research topic should be
7. To construct a search strategy on your research topic, you should
8. Which Boolean operator is used to connect search terms with similar meaning and increase search results
9. For your professor to retrieve the article you submit to him or her, you must use
10. For questions about finding resources on your research topic and research assistance, you should
11. Please rate the following statement: The electronic Psychology Research Orientation helped me learn how to do library research.

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