SGSC Marketing Department

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The Marketing Department is responsible for the overall brand strategy and positioning of SGSC across multiple audiences with an integrated approach to marketing, advertising, web, and digital media.

Through results-based planning and continual review of the latest analytics and best practices, the office is the College's primary source of marketing and advertising. The office maintains a cohesive overall brand with attention to the unique characteristics and attributes of the College. Specific attention is paid to recognizing the various audiences, stakeholders and internal and external communities we serve.


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Marketing Services

The Marketing Department’s main function is to promote and advance the College's external image and reputation. In addition to focusing on the College's overall strategic priorities, the team also assists departments in the development of cost-effective marketing and advertising strategies designed to drive growth and visibility within individual programs and colleges.

The Marketing Department assists with providing planning, design, production services, and also manage all placement and reservation of advertising including newspaper and magazine space, outdoor billboards and transit signs, and broadcast time.

The South Georgia State College logo consists of a shield image of a gray and blue hawk head with SGSC above the hawk head. The words “South Georgia State College” are set to the right of the hawk head in the Lucinda Sans font.

There are horizontal and stacked variations of the logo that can be used as needed to fit design and space considerations. The logo and variations are available in full-color and one-color (black and white) versions as well as a reversed full-color version for use when it appears on a non-white background. Refer to our Visual Standards Quick Guide (PDF), for more information. See examples below.


Logo Requests

To request use of an official South Georgia State College logo, please contact the Marketing Department at 912-260-4270 or via email at:

Unauthorized Use

South Georgia State College is committed to enforcing the protection of the institution’s marks and the reputation that they present. Use of South Georgia State College trademarks on merchandise is not permitted without prior approval of the Marketing Department. Any information regarding possible trademark infringement should be reported to the College's Marketing Coordinator at 912-260-4270.

Logo/Campaign Graphics Creation

Logos/Campaign Graphics are created only by the Marketing Department. Attempts to create new College logos, or to recreate existing logos, are not permitted.

Logo Manipulation/Tampering

Except for proportionate scaling, the logo may not be obstructed or manipulated in any way. This includes removing logo backgrounds, changing the logo’s colors or using portions of the logo either on their own or when coupled with other marks/design elements.

The Marketing Department is responsible for creating all web/digital pieces and promotional materials. In addition to designing materials aimed at external and internal audiences, the department is also available to assist the campus community in producing professional, attractive and well-edited publications and advertisements.

The Marketing web team employs a wide range of creative and technical skills to build an engaging and dynamic web presence for South Georgia State College. The web team is responsible for the design, information, implementation and launching of college, office and departmental web pages. The web team also provides support for integrated marketing campaigns and social media strategies in support of the College’s mission and goals.