Student E-Mail

  • If necessary, go to the Student ID/Email Lookup form to obtain your school e-mail address 
  • Next, go to
  • If necessary, click “Use another account”
  • Enter your entire address as the username.
  • To update your security questions, alternate phone, or alternate email for the self service password reset - please go to 
  • Password Requirements: 10-16 characters, you must use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, and numbers, common words or part of your username are not allowed.  You may not have consecutive or repetitive numbers or letters, nor common words, vowels can be changed to symbols or numbers such as a=@ or e=3. 

Your initial password uses the following schema: If your name is Jane Doe your password will be sgscJDXXXX, where the sgsc is the acronym for South Georgia State College, the J is the first letter of the first name (capitalized) and the letter D is the first letter of the last name (also capitalized), the XXXX represents the last four digits of your Student ID (or 988 number).

Note: When using public computers, always logout of your Student E-Mail.

If you have difficulties go to to request assistance.



  • If necessary, go to Self-Service Banner  to obtain your school e-mail address
    • After logging in, click the Personal Information Menu tab
    • Click View e-mail addresses 
  • Your GeorgiaVIEW username is the first part of your email before the @ symbol;
    e.g.   After your student email address is setup, enter your username then click "Forgot Password".  From the "Forgot Password" page, enter your username and a password reset link will be sent to your student email.  Follow the directions in the email.   

Having trouble accessing your online courses?  Submit a GeorgiaVIEW trouble ticket

Have a help question about GeorgiaVIEW, the D2L Help Desk is available to students and faculty 24/7.  If you need assistance anytime, go to You will have access to a knowledge base and under the section "Most Popular Topics" you will find a phone support number.  Remember if you cannot access GeorgiaVIEW due the page not being available - do call the Help Desk and let them know.


Why Can't I Access My GeorgiaVIEW Course?

  • If you have registered for the course within the last 24 hours, the registration may not be processed yet. Please wait 24 - 48 hours after registering for a course to appear in the Learning Environment.
  • The course may not be active. Your instructor is responsible for activating the course so contact them to see when the course will be activated.
  • The course has not started. If the course has not yet started, it will not be visible on the Learning Environment. If you are unsure about when your course is supposed to start, contact the instructor for that course for further information or go to the Course Schedules page.
  • The instructor may not be using the GeorgiaVIEW Learning Environment for this course. Contact the instructor to see if the course is available online in the Learning Environment.

If you have trouble with GeorgiaVIEW, Student E-mail, or Self-Service Banner, please click here to request further assistance