SGSC hosts Coffee High students

South Georgia State College recently hosted two different student groups from Coffee High School (CHS). On Nov. 14, 2013, Ms. Paula Thomas’s healthcare science students visited, while sophomores, juniors and seniors who have an interest in science and technology toured SGSC on Jan. 31, 2014. Both student groups were chosen based on grade point average, honors classes, and behavior.

During the Nov. 14 session, Dr. Scott Thigpen, dean of SGSC’s School of Nursing, presented “Shake, Rattle and Roll” – an informative session to help educate young people on the dangers of snake bites as well as the variety of treatments used in healthcare fields and facilities.

Students really enjoyed Dr. Thigpen’s presentation.  Student Janet Vasquez said, “Mr. Thigpen was super hilarious and taught me a lot about healthcare advancements.”

Almost 50 CHS students attended this event. CHS junior Lyric Moore stated, “After seeing what SGSC can offer me, I would be interested in enrolling in this college. My goals are to go to school and become a physical therapist. I know I can achieve this with everything that was presented to me today.”

Approximately 50 students began the Jan. 31 session with an introduction to SGSC given by Dr. Greg Tanner, dean of students. Following Dr. Tanner’s remarks, students heard from Sharon Komanecky, director of student life; Daniel Nilsson, residential academic initiatives coordinator; and Rebekah Glosson coordinator of The Clower Center and recreational sports. The students learned of campus activities and residence life opportunities and then participated in challenging competitions. CHS junior Savanna Cotsenmoyer stated about SGSC, “Y’all really know how to make people like me aware of our options and have fun while doing it.”

Next, the students attended academic presentations taught by Dr. Charles Johnson, professor of physics and chair of the Division of Natural Sciences, Physical Education, and Mathematics and Dr. Rosa Guedes, assistant professor of biology/ecology. The presentations gave students a chance to do hands-on experiments with the biology of soil and the Van de Graaff generator. The presentations also gave students insight into the professors and how college courses are conducted. CHS junior Natalie Fender said, “What excites me the most about SGSC is that all the professors I have met there are very passionate about their jobs.”

SGSC’s Peterson Scholars, a group of premier academic student leaders, took the students on a campus tour. The scholars told them how each part of the campus plays a role in their everyday life as a SGSC Hawk. The tour ended with lunch provided in SGSC’s renovated dining hall.

The students ended their day with a brief synopsis of the admissions and financial aid process. For more information on the benefits of attending SGSC or to apply for admission, please contact SGSC’s Office of Admissions at 912-260-4206.


TOP PHOTO: Dr. Rosa Guedes, assistant professor of biology/ecology, speaks with students from Coffee High School.

MIDDLE PHOTO: Coffee High students participated in the biology of soil lab while visiting South Georgia State College.

BOTTOM PHOTO: Coffee High students used the Van de Graaff generator in a hands-on lab with Dr. Charles Johnson, SGSC’s professor of physics and chair of the Division of Natural Sciences, Physical Education, and Mathematics.