Ware County High School students get a head start on college

Fifty-seven students in Drew Shealy’s class at Ware County High School are getting a head start on college thanks to the ACCEL program through South Georgia State College (SGSC).

ACCEL gives qualified students the opportunity to take college classes while still in high school and receive both high school and college credit. Tuition for ACCEL is paid by the State of Georgia, and all student fees associated with the program have been waived by SGSC.

The students in Shealy’s class are splitting fall semester between two courses – college algebra and pre-calculus.  They are scheduled to take calculus during the spring semester.

Shealy said the students have welcomed the challenge that comes from being in the ACCEL program.

“The students have been great. I can tell they are enjoying the rigorous coursework,” he said. “Their determination and motivation is above par.”

In addition to starting their college careers early, Shealy said the students receive additional benefits from participating in the program.

“They have access to a faculty that knows them and will help them in their college coursework,” he said. “By being ACCEL students, they’re not only gaining college credit but are also preparing themselves for the move to a college atmosphere.”

With 57 students in his class, Shealy hopes the program will continue to expand so that other students might take advantage of what ACCEL has to offer.

“I’m grateful that SGSC and Ware County High School have given students the opportunity to be a part of the ACCEL program,” he said. “I’m hoping more students will enroll in the program in coming years.”

For more information about ACCEL at South Georgia State College, contact Angela Wasdin, interim director of admissions, at (912) 449-7551 or Kelly Gilliard, ACCEL and VA specialist, at (912) 260-4209.