Dear Parent and/or Guardian,

Welcome to the Department of Residence Life & Housing at South Georgia State College!

This is an exciting time filled with changes not only for students, but for parents as well. In anticipation of your student joining the Residence Life community, we want to make sure as a parent or guardian you are well informed as to what is offered to, as well as expected of, your student. The mission of the Department of Residence Life is to provide a safe residential environment where academic learning can be supplemented through the implementation of developmental programs, by offering students state-of-the-art facilities, and having a professional staff devoted to exercising best practices. The Residence Life staff augments a student’s personal success by creating a community of citizens, having an appreciation of diversity in all students, and promoting civic responsibility.

As young adults, students have to begin learning to be their own best advocates. Often, parents want to solve basic problems their student might be experiencing. It is our recommendation that you collaborate and give advice. Allow your student to work on the problem at hand first. You can direct your student to the resources they have available, such as his or her Resident Assistant, or Residence Life Coordinator. Teaching the difference between a problem and an emergency will serve your student better than calling an office yourself. Remember that college is not just about learning in the classroom but, also, learning about personal responsibility, refining one’s character, and understanding social behaviors.

The Student Success and Residence Life staffs believe in building a collaborative relationship with parents and this relationship will help your student succeed in his/her collegiate endeavors. We encourage you to continue to regularly visit our parent’s website for updated information about your student’s activities, critical information, and important upcoming dates.

Our staff members look forward to serving your student’s needs and we are pleased that your student has decided to learn and live with us!




Office of Residence Life & Housing