What are the Residence Hall Policies and Code of Conduct?

Do the Residence Halls have curfews?

  • No. We believe that students are responsible for their own actions which include the determination of a bedtime.

Who is in charge of the building if my student needs assistance with a concern/problem?

  • The first resource for resolving a concern is your student’s Resident Assistant. Many times, they have addressed similar concerns with other students and may be able to help. If not, please feel free to contact the Residence Life Specialist of your student building: Residence Life Specialist

Is the residence hall a noisy environment?

  • We understand that the primary reason students attend South Georgia State College is to succeed in college and ultimately receive a degree. We strive to create a quiet and respectful environment that is conducive to study. During the day, a courtesy hours policy will be in effect so that a respectful amount of noise can be generated. During the evening and night time, a quiet hours policy will be in effect. We also encourage residents in her/his suite to take responsibility to address noise violations.

What if my student and his/her suitemate(s) don't get along?

  • There is always an adjustment to living with new people. It is important to emphasize to your student that she/he has open and honest communication with her/his suitemates. The Resident Assistants are trained to assist with conflict mediation between suitemates.

 Should my student purchase renter’s insurance?

  • While it is not required for your student to have renter’s insurance, we strongly recommend it.

Is my student required to have a meal plan?

  • Yes. All students living in a Residence Hall are required to have a meal plan.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

Who is responsible for cleaning the rooms & bathroom?

  • Each room will be cleaned prior to a student’s arrival. However, students are required to maintain a certain level of cleanliness as to not attract rodents or bugs. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their bathroom and bedroom clean while occupying it. Housekeeping will maintain common area space only.