South Georgia State College is supported by two cooperative organizations - the South Georgia State College Foundation, Inc. and the James M. Dye Foundation, Inc. Both Foundations are incorporated under the laws of the State of Georgia and are recognized as tax exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.  Gifts to the Foundations are tax deductible as applicable by law.  Each Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees.  The Trustees are a group of dedicated community individuals and College administrators.

South Georgia State College Foundation

The mission of the South Georgia State College Foundation is to help transform and enhance the lives of our diverse student population by providing educational opportunities, financial support and advocacy for our students.  By generating, processing and allocating gifts, the Foundation supports efforts that enhance the quality of programs by funding scholarships, new academic initiatives, technology, endowments, faculty/staff development, athletic programs, and capital projects at SGSC.


To support the South Georgia State College Foundation, please contact:

Ms. Walda Kight
Vice President for External Affairs
Douglas Campus/Richey Hall, Office #112

"I’m grateful to be swimming at SGSC on scholarship because it has given me the opportunity to excel in my sport and help open doors to some great senior level institutions for me."

-Zac Elz

Sophomore - SGSC Men’s Swim team

Suwanee, GA


James M. Dye Foundation

The James M. Dye Foundation was originally established in 1976 as the Waycross Junior College Foundation.  The non-profit, tax-exempt organization was renamed the Waycross College Foundation in 1996 before receiving its most recent name August 21, 2013 in honor of the founding president of the former Waycross College.
The mission of the James M. Dye Foundation is to facilitate the education of students at the Waycross Campus of South Georgia State College who require financial support beyond the resources otherwise available to them. When possible, additional resources are allocated to the faculty and staff members of the Waycross campus in ways that will enhance the education of these students.  The Foundation also supports South Georgia State College's multi-campus structure so as to strengthen the institution's academic and economic footprint in its service area and throughout the state of Georgia.  These goals will be accomplished through the cultivation, receipt, and administration of tax-deductible gifts for students scholarships and grants as well as sponsorships of various campus programs and initiatives.

To support the James M. Dye Foundation, please contact:

Mr. Taylor Hereford
Executive Director
Waycross Campus/Administrative Building