Waycross Campus Circulating Collections

Waycross Campus Print Collection 

The books in the Main Collection are shelved according to subject, using letters and numbers, in accordance with the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.  

There is a collection of graphic books on a library display tower.  The special letter code on the spine of the books, above the call number, is GRA.  Books are normally checked out for 28 days and you can renew them yourselves as long as they have not reached overdue status.  

The Audiovisual Collection consists of DVDs and even 33 1/3 LP records.  Items can be checked out for one week or viewed/listened to inside the Audiovisual Room in the library.  A staff member will assist you to access the DVDs in the locked cabinets. 

Other circulating collections are the Juvenile Literature Collection.  There are over 300 items in the collection. The letter code JUV is on the spine of the books.

The Young Adult Collection has books for teens such as the Twilight series, Harry Potter series, Hunger Games and the Spiderwick Chronicles.  They have YA on the spine of the books.