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Dr. Reiman Selected to Present at International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences

Posted on January 26, 2021 12:00 AM

Dr. Richard Reiman has been selected to present his paper, “PODCASTING FOR TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN HISTORY: A CASE STUDY” at the International Conference on Humanities, Social and Education Sciences (IHSES) which will take place on April 22-25, 2021.


Read more about Dr. Reiman’s presentation in his abstract below:


The distribution and consumption of digital learning resources in the social sciences is likely to explode as a result of the impact of educational practices in the time of Covid. Students and teachers who would otherwise not have sought or gained experience in digital learning have, out of necessity in the pandemic, gained experience and mastery with online instruction.


What have we learned about the theoretical and practical applications of such resources? Since 2016, I have hosted a podcast of in which I discuss historical issues of potential interest to all, including students in my courses. I am a full professor of History at a State College in the United States, with more than 35 years of experience teaching history. Having had had "a head start" in researching and discovering the potential of this platform for student learning, I will explore the following:


1. The theoretical advantages of facilitating student learning via podcasting.

2. How professors can present podcasts themselves at low cost to themselves and no cost to students.

3. New avenues of reaching and teaching students with history education through podcasting. These include:

a. Creating through comment sections on my podcast website global learning communities.

               b. Posting select podcast episodes in online courses on the subject of their teaching.

               c. Ways of making disappear any learning curve for the students in the use of these podcasts.

                d. Avenues for researching the value of podcasting in teaching and research.

e. My creation and distribution of audio narration (in podcast episodes) of short-form public domain "classic" stories and documents that can both engage students in wider learning opportunities branching off from the course subject, and also awaken them to the entertaining possibilities of learning in history.

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