There are Two Types of Student Employment at South Georgia State College

Please click the appropriate type and fill out the form.

Federal Work Study Student Employee
Student Assistant/Resident Assistant Employee



If the position involves dealing with: Cash, Keys or Responsibility of Others - a background check is required.

Background Check Form



Print all completed forms and bring to The Student Employment Coordinator.

Personal Data Form

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

I-9 Form (Homeland Security Requires)

Georgia Tax Form (G-4)

Federal Tax Form (W-4)

GA Defined Contribution Exemption Form

Drug Free Acknowledgement Form & Policy

Governor's Ethics in Government Acknowledgement Form

Right to Know Act Acknowledgement Form and Link

SGSC Anti-Harassment Acknowledgement Form & Policy

SGSC IT Acceptable Use Acknowledgement Form & Policy

SGSC Classified Employee Handbook & Acknowledgement Form

USG Security Questionnaire & Loyalty Oath

Worker's Compensation Acknowledgement Form & Policy