South Georgia State College


There are Two Types of Student Employment at South Georgia State College

Please click the appropriate type and fill out the form.

Federal Work Study Student Employee
Student Assistant/Resident Assistant Employee



If the position involves dealing with: Cash, Keys or Responsibility of Others - a background check is required.

Background Check Form



Print all completed forms and bring to The Student Employment Coordinator.

Personal Data Form

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

I-9 Form (Homeland Security Requires)

Georgia Tax Form (G-4)

Federal Tax Form (W-4)

GA Defined Contribution Exemption Form

Drug Free Acknowledgement Form & Policy

Governor's Ethics in Government Acknowledgement Form

Right to Know Act Acknowledgement Form and Link

SGSC Anti-Harassment Acknowledgement Form & Policy

SGSC IT Acceptable Use Acknowledgement Form & Policy

SGSC Classified Employee Handbook & Acknowledgement Form

USG Security Questionnaire & Loyalty Oath

Worker's Compensation Acknowledgement Form & Policy