Work Schedule:

  1. Each student will complete a work schedule for his/her supervisor. It is expected that all assigned hours be worked unless arrangements are made in advance with the supervisor. Students should not leave early unless they have permission to do so.
  2. Occasionally, a student’s direct supervisor may not be available. Student employees should report to their backup supervisor in their supervisor’s absence. The supervisor will let you know who that person will be.

Electronic Time Sheets:

(E-Time) is utilized for student employees. Students timestamp their worked hours. Supervisors approve the electronic form online.


Office Etiquette:

  1. Sufficient notice should be given when a student desires time off or will be absent or late.
  2. A student should receive permission before making personal calls. Personal long distance calls are not to be made on college phones.
  3. It is highly disruptive to have friends or family members visit in the staff offices.
  4. Office supplies are to be used for college purposes only. This includes the copier, printer, and fax machine.
  5. A student should discuss with their supervisor the proper way to greet visitors and answer the phone.
  6. A student should discuss with their supervisor the policy on eating and drinking in the office area.
  7. A student should NEVER discuss specific student information with others.


Student employees should dress appropriately for an office setting, meaning neat, clean clothes without tears or holes. Examples of inappropriate attire would be shorts, bare midriff, low cut necklines, sheer clothing, baggy/sagging pants, or tee shirts with offensive logos. Questions about appropriate dress should be discussed with your supervisor.

Personal Work:

  1. As a rule, personal work should not be done on college time. When an assignment or project is completed, the student employee should seek out his/her supervisor for another work-related assignment. If a student has his/her supervisor’s approval, then homework may be worked on during office hours, but only as long as it does not conflict with any job assignment. All job assignments must be completed before any homework is attempted.
  2. Computers are college property and may not be used for personal projects (without the supervisor’s permission), games, surfing the internet, etc. Students who violate this policy are subject to dismissal.


We rely on our student employees and value their importance to us. We encourage you to take this opportunity as a participant in the Federal Work-Study Program seriously. Your experience can give you invaluable skills and provide you with employment references for future use.