Walda Kight- Vice President for Institutional Advancement

phone: 912-260-4274
email: walda.kight@sgsc.edu
location: Richey Hall 112 (Douglas)

Caity Barber - Coordinator of Campus & Development Operations

phone: 912-449-7510

email: caity.barber@sgsc.edu

location: Administrative Building (Waycross)

Ellen Gourley - Alumni and Volunteer Relations Coordinator

phone: 912-260-4275

email: ellen.gourley@sgsc.edu

location: Richey Hall 108 (Douglas)

Amy Hancock- Communications Outreach Manager and Grants Officer

phone: 912-260-4461
email: amy.hancock@sgsc.edu
location: Richey Hall 106 (Douglas)

Cathy Hand - Development Services Coordinator II

phone: 912-260-4269
email: cathy.hand@sgsc.edu
location: Richey Hall 118 (Douglas)

Taylor Hereford - Waycross Campus Director & Executive Director, James M. Dye Foundation 

phone: 912-449-7511

email: taylor.hereford@sgsc.edu

location: Administrative Building (Waycross)

Becky Wehmeier - Development Services Coordinator I

phone: 912-260-4273
email: becky.wehmeier@sgsc.edu
location: Richey Hall 104 (Douglas)