Parking and Traffic Enforcement

Operating a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege extended by South Georgia State College in return for adherence to regulations designed to promote the safety and welfare of all. Campus Police and other College officials may cite those who violate parking rules and regulations as well as the Georgia Traffic Code. This area provides information regarding vehicle registration, parking information and answers to common questions.


SGSC Parking Permits

Only SGSC Residential Students are required to have a parking permit.  Parking permits will be distributed during move in.  Should a permit be needed at a later date, see the nightly security officer located in the residence hall.  In order to obtain a parking decal, you must present official identification or an SGSC ID card.  Once issued, the decal will be affixed to the exterior of the driver’s side back window on the bottom.  Additional decals cost $10 each.

Decals are not transferable from one vehicle to another. If, for any reason, you must drive another vehicle, you can obtain a Temporary Parking Permit from the RLC in Tiger II.  

Student Parking

There are ample parking spaces on both the Douglas and Waycross Campuses.  Early arrival is suggested for spaces considered prime, and once you find a parking space it is best to remain parked during your time on campus that day. 

General Parking Rules:

  • Parking is prohibited in the following areas:
    • Designated employee parking spaces which are clearly marked.
    • Handicap parking areas unless permitted by the State of Georgia.  The handicap person must be in the vehicle and the decal/tag assigned to the handicapped person must be visible.
    • Walkways, which normally are lined with white paint.
    • Within 15 feet of any building or intersection.
    • On the grass, sidewalks or driveways
    • In areas that are not designated as parking spaces
  • Do not park alongside roadway unless there are designated parking spaces.  Park with right tires no more than 12" from the curb.
  • The un/loading area in front of Tiger Village II on the Douglas Campus has a 15 minute limit.

Parking Penalties and Appeals

The penalties for violating parking rules and regulations include fines, student conduct referrals, vehicle "boots", and loss of campus parking privileges.  Those parking on campus are responsible for any fines or fees associated with parking contrary to the Parking and Traffic rules.   Parking fees are assessed for a one year period beginning the date of your first citation.  Fine amount can be accessed in the Common Questions portion of this site.  Citations issued for repeat offenses result in an increase of fines for additional citations. Additionally, a vehicle will be booted upon the fourth offense and the operator will be required to pay a boot removal fee of $50.00 and any outstanding parking citations before removal.  Citations will be voided only in the case of error by the issuing officer.  You are not entitled to a warning for your first offense.

File a Parking Appeal by clicking on the link.   Parking appeals MUST BE FILED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIVING A CITATION.  Appeals will be heard through the Student Conduct Board.  Notifications of the appeal results will be emailed to SGSC email accounts. 

Parking FAQs