South Georgia State College

SGSC Faculty & Staff Directory

Phone Area Code: 912 (260 denotes the Douglas campus, 449 denotes the Waycross campus)
For on campus calls to either Douglas or Waycross, dial the last four digits.

Legend  D - Douglas Campus    W - Waycross Campus



Executive Leadership Team

Name Position/Title Phone E-mail Location
Thompson-Sellers, Ingrid Interim President 260.4394 ingrid.sellers D - Thrash Hall
Fell, Chuck Director of Internal Audit and Advisory Services 260.4237 chuck.fell D - Thrash Hall
Kight, Walda Vice President for External Affairs 260.4274 walda.kight D - Richey Hall
Latham, Marcus J. Vice President for Fiscal Affairs 260.4300 mark.latham D - Richey Hall
Newell, Keith Vice President for Operations 260.4301 keith.newell D - Thrash Hall
  Vice President for Student Success 260.4293   D - Engram Hall
Page, Robert Vice President for Academic Affairs 260.4203 D - Thrash Hall



Academic Schools

School of Arts and Professional Studies

FAX: 912.260.4446
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail Location
Porter, Ruth Dean of the School of Arts and Professional Studies 260.4464 ruth.porter D - Thrash Hall
Abercrombie, Ronald Lecturer in Accounting 260.4257 ronald.abercrombie D - Collins Hall
Anderson, Crystal Assistant Professor of Communications 449.7567 crystal.anderson W - Admin.Build.
Brown, Wes Assistant Professor of CIS 260.4260 wes.brown D - Collins Hall
Brucie, Thom Professor of English 260.4255 thom.brucie D - Collins Hall
Caldemeyer, Dana Assistant Professor of History 260.4258 dana.caldemeyer D - Collins Hall
Carson, Kit Professor of Education 260.4250 kit.carson D - Collins Hall
Chen, Yuna Professor of Economics 260.4251 yuna.chen D - Collins Hall
Cozma, Codrina Assoc. Professor English and Learning Supp 260.4671 codrina.cozma D - Collins Hall
Danner, Jerome Administrative Assistant 260.4248 jerome.danner D - Collins Hall
DiNicola, Andrew Instructor of English and Learning Supp 260.4366 andrew.diNicola D - Collins 117*
Dyal, Ellen Associate Professor of Reading & Teacher Education 449.7563 ellen.dyal W - Dye Building
Fales, Paula Associate Professor of English/Education 449.7577 paula.fales W - Admin.Build.
Flowers, Ed Lecturer in History 449.7571 W - Admin.Build.
Greene, Maribel Lecturer of English & Learning Support 260.4684 maribel.greene G - Collins Hall
Hancock, Bobbi Instructor of Sociology 260.4256 bobbi.hancock D - Collins Hall
Holiwski, Frank Associate Professor of Psychology 260.4253 frank.holiwski D - Collins Hall
Kelley-Heath, Rhonda Assoc. Professor English and Learning Supp. 260.4303 rhonda.kelley D - Collins 130*
Kirkland, Cindi Professor of Information Systems 260.4254 cindi.kirkland D - Powell Hall
Madrid DeMata, Guadelupe Asst. Professor of Spanish 260.4299 gm D - Collins Hall 116*
Norris-Holiwski, Candace Instructor of Psychology 449.7579 candace.norris-holiwski W - Administrative Build.
Pridemore, Frank Assistant Professor of Political Science 260.4249 frank.pridemore D - Collins Hall
Scheeser, Hayley Lecturer of Communications 260.4302 hayley.scheeser D - Peterson 122*
Sims, Rebecca Associate Professor of Political Science  260.7575 becky.sims D - Collins Hall
Smith, Charles Chair of Business and Assistant Professor 260.4252 charles.smith D - Collins Hall
Stephens, Elaine Instructor of English 449.7562 elaine.stephens W - Educational Build.
Talbott, R. Michael Instructor of English 229.293.6247 michael.talbott V - University Center
Webster, William S. Professor of English and Learning Support 260.4305 bill.webster D - Peterson 205*
Wise, Paul Assoc. Professor English and Learning Support


paul.wise D - Peterson 123*

* These offices are Temporary relocations due to the renovation of Davis Hall.

School of Sciences

FAX: 912.260.4456
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Johnson, Charles Dean of the School of Sciences and Professor of Physics 260.4338 charles.johnson D - Stubbs Hall
Abdalla, Badr Assistant Professor of Physics 260.4342 badr.abdalla D - Stubbs Hall
Benson, Duane Associate Professor of Mathematics 260.4298 duane.benson D - Stubbs Hall
Cook, A. G.  Professor of Biology 260.4215 ag.cook D - Stubbs Hall
Dye, Bryson Assistant Professor of Chemistry 260.4339 bryson.dye D - Stubbs Hall
Esenabhalu, Victor Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Physiology 260.4214 victor.esenabhalu D - Stubbs Hall
Griffin, Becky Assistant Professor of Mathematics 449.7566 becky.griffin W - Admin. Build.
Guedes, Rosa Assistant Professor of Biology/Ecology   260.4340 rosa.guedes D - Stubbs Hall
Havens, Julie Assistant Professor of Biology 260.4348 julie.havens D - Stubbs Hall
Howell, Lisa Professor of Mathematics 449.7569 lisa.howell W - Admin. Build.
Hunt, Kimberly Asst. Professor of Biology/Ecology & Biological Sciences Coordinator 260.4344 kimberly.hunt D - Stubbs Hall
Kirkland, Cindi  Professor of Information Systems 260.4254 cindi.kirkland D - Stubbs Hall
Majdi, Bernard Associate Professor of Chemistry/Biology 449.7574 bernard.majdi W - Admin. Build.
Mancil, Lisa Administrative Assistant 260.4338 lisa.mancil D - Stubbs Hall
McCullers, John Biology Lab Instructor 260.4263 john.mccullers D - Stubbs Hall
Potter, Robert Assisant Professor of Biology  260.4357 robert.potter D - Stubbs Hall
Silva-Ayers, Rosalice Chemistry Lab Instructor 260.4272 rosalice.silva-ayers D - Stubbs Hall
Smith, Molly Professor of Biology 449.7578 molly.smith W - Admin. Build.
Snow, Frankie Learning Services Coordinator 260.4343 frankie.snow D - Stubbs Hall
Sundram, Yoga Associate Professor of Biology 260.4345 yoga.sundram D - Stubbs Hall
Thornton, Dean Assistant Professor of Anatomy & Physiology 449.7583 dean.thornton W - Admin. Build.
Ward, Charles Instructor of Mathematics - VSUEP 229.293.6247 charles.ward V - University Center
Watford, Luck Assistant Professor of Mathematics 260.4434 luck.watford D - Stubbs Hall
Westwood, Derek Associate Professor of Mathematics 260.4341 derek.westwood D - Stubbs Hall
Yonz, Randy O. Instructor of Physical Education 449.7572 randy.yonz W - Admin. Build.


School of Nursing

FAX: 912.260.4451
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Thigpen, Scott Dean and Professor of Nursing 260.4367 scott.thigpen D - Nursing Build.
Batten, Lisa Assistant Professor of Nursing 260.4362 lisa.batten W - Educational Build.
Carter, Jaime L. Associate Professor of Nursing  449.7451 jaime.carter W - Educational Build.
Clement, Susan Associate Professor of Nursing 260.4361 susan.clement D - Nursing Build.
Musgrove, Bobby Jean Associate Professor of Nursing 260.4363 bobbyjean.musgrove D - Nursing Build.
Phillips, Jessica Administrative Assistant 260.4358 jessica.phillips D - Nursing Build.
Pirkle, Darlene Assistant Professor of Nursing 260.4364 darlene.pirkle W - Educational Build.
Sasser, Buckie Associate Professor of Nursing 260.4365 buckie.sasser D - Nursing Build.
Solomon, Cheryl Assistant Professor of Nursing 260.4360 cheryl.solomon D - Nursing Build.
Spires, Curt Assistant Professor of Nursing 912.449.7454 curt.spires C - Building Waycross
Strickland, Kasey Assistant Professor of Nursing 449.7450 kasey.strickland W - Educational Build.
Thornton, Lauren Assistant Professor of Nursing 449.7452 lauren.thornton W - Educational Build.


South Georgia State College Entry Program (SGSCEP)
Georgia SouthWestern University

800 GSW State University Dr
 Americus, GA  31709

Phone: 912.260.4682

FAX: 912.260.4681

Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Pines, Tominica GSW Coordinator 912.260.4682 tominica.pines G - Collum Hall
Dingler, Tammy  Lecturer of Mathematics 912.260.4683 tammy.dingler G - Collum Hall
Greene, Maribel Lecturer of English & Learning Support 912.260.4684 maribel.greene G - Collum Hall


South Georgia State College Entry Program (SGSCEP)
Valdosta State University

1500 N Patterson VALDOSTA GA  31698

Phone: 912.260.4660

FAX: 912.260.4662

Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Webster, Valerie Director of Entry Programs & Planning 912.260.4663 valerie.webster V - University Center
Cozma, Codrina  Assoc. Professor English & Learning Support  912.260.4671 codrina.cozma  V - University Center 
Jones, Jo Anne Enrollment Services Advisor 912.260.4664 joanne.jones V - University Center
Maul, Glen Professor of Psychology 912.260.4667 glen.maul V - University Center
Petrella, Jeremy Instructor of History 912.260.4668 jeremy.petrella V - University Center
Talbott, R. Michael Instructor of English 912.260.4669 michael.talbott V - University Center
Ward, Charles Instructor of Mathematics 912.260.4670 charles.ward V - University Center




Academic Affairs

FAX: 912.260.4440
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Reiman, Rick Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of History 260.4247 rick.reiman D - Thrash Hall
Baldwin, Cory Academic Support Specialist 449.7550 cory.baldwin W - Dye Building
Drahush, Dana Academic Affairs Coordinator  260.4480 dana.drahush D - Thrash Hall
Dubberly, Laura Academic Affairs Coordinator 260.4201 laura.dubberly D - Thrash Hall
Gibson, Susanne STEM Center Coordinator - Waycross 449.7501 susanne.gibson W - Dye Building
McDonald, Carl Academic Affairs Specialist 260.4333 carl.mcdonald D - Thrash Hall
Selby.Sara Academic Affairs Projects Specialist 449.7576 sara.selby W - Admin. Build.
Wildes, Linda Administrative Assistant 260.4203 linda.wildes D - Thrash Hall
Wheeler, Amber Academic Support Director 260.4415 amber.wheeler D - Powell Hall
Williams, Andrew STEM Center Coordinator - Douglas 260.4349 andrew.williams D - Stubbs Hall



Admissions and Enrollment Services

FAX: 912.260.4441

Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Wasdin, Angela Director of Admissions 260.4428 angela.wasdin D - Engram Hall
Burnam, Elizabeth Admissions Advisor 260.4207 elizabeth.burnam D - Engram Hall
Davis, Tracey Customer Service Specialist 449.7592 tracey.davis W - Dye Building
Dodson, Kevin Admissions Recruiter 260.4430 kevin.dodson D - Engram Hall
Evans, Angie Student Services Professional 260.4409 angie.evans D - Engram Hall
Gilliard, Kelly Student Services Professional 260.4209 kelly.gilliard D - Engram Hall
Hutto, Nickolaos Lead Recruiter 260.4212 nikolaos.hutto D - Engram Hall
Moore, Peggy Admissions Assistant 260.4211 peggy.moore D - Engram Hall
Torres, Tamarrai Admissions Advisor 260.4210 tamarrai.torres D - Engram Hall
(Vacant) Admissions Recruiter 260.4208   D - Engram Hall
Williams, Lakeshia Admissions Recruiter 260.4439 lakeshia.williams D - Engram Hall


Athletics and Wellness Center

FAX: 912.260.4442
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Tanner, Greg Dean of Students 260.4217 greg.tanner D - Wellness Center
Baldwin, Cory Basketball Coach 449.7605 cory.baldwin W - P.E. Building
Jenkins, C. M. Swimming Coach 260.4219 cm.jenkins D - Wellness Center
Levering, Nichole Softball Coach/Cross Country Coach 260.4222 nichole.levering D - Wellness Center
Morgan, Martha Assistant to the Athletic Director 260.4217 martha.morgan D - Wellness Center
Morris, Dave Soccer Coach 260.4405 dave.morris D - Clower
Dennis, Jaime Baseball Asst. Coach 260.4220 james.dennis D - Wellness Center
Timothy, Jeff Baseball Coach 260.4220 jeff.timothy D - Wellness Center


912.260.4231 Douglas Store
912.449.7545 Waycross Store

FAX: 912.260.4443
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
French, Daphne Manager 260.4233 daphne.french D - Engram Hall
Bennett, Lionell Bookstore Assistant 449.7546 lionell.bennett W - Dye Building


Campus Life

FAX 912.260.4458
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
(Vacant) Director of Campus Life 260.4427   D - Powell Hall
Adams, Sandra Tiger II Residence Life Coordinator 260.4467 sandra.adams D - Tiger II
Holloway, Joseph Counselor 260.4438 joseph.holloway D - Powell Hall
    449.7593   W - Dye Building
Morris, Dave Student Engagement Specialist 260.4405 dave.morris D - Clower
Nation, Annette Coordinator of Student Support Services 260-4435 annette.nation D - Powell Hall
Sinkfield, Stanley Career Specialist 449.7589 stanley.sinkfield W - Dye Building
Stewart, Justin Coordinator of Student Engagement 260-4433 justin.stewart D - Clower
Thompson, Amanda Coordinator of Residence Life & Housing 260.4330 amanda.thompson D - Tiger I


Financial Aid
FAX: 912.260.4455
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Curtis, Latoya  Financial Aid Coordinator 260.4286 latoya.curtis D - Engram Hall
Boully, Levi Customer Service Specialist 260.4287 levi.boully D - Engram Hall 
Rigdon, Kimberly Financial Aid Advisor 260.4285 kimberly.rigdon D - Engram Hall
Speight, Angela Financial Aid Advisor II 449.7556 angela.speight W - Dye Building
Thomas, Ramona Financial Aid Advisor II 260.4283 ramona.thomas D - Engram Hall


  Campus Police

FAX: 912.260.4466
Name Position/Title Phone E-Mail  
McCulloch, Sonja Director of Public Safety 260.4402 sonja.mcculloch D - Tiger I
Arnold, Qunion Security Officer 260.4484 qunion.arnold D - Tiger I
Contreras, Miguel Police Officer 260.4491 miguel.contreras D - Tiger I
Davis, Anthony Police Officer 260.4485 anthony.davis D - Tiger I
Davison, Rodney Video Surveillance 260.4489 rodney.davison D - Tiger I
Kirkland, Oscar Video Surveillance 260.4489 oscar.kirkland D - Tiger I
Lee, Amy Police Officer 260.4487 amy.lee D - Tiger I
Mizell, Tyler Police Officer 260.4403 tyler.mizell D - Tiger I
Ryles, Randall Police Officer 260.4408 randall.ryles D - Tiger I
Spain, Mickey Police Officer 260.4486 michael.spain D - Tiger I
Wilkerson, George Police Officer 260.4490 george.wilkerson d - Tiger I


External Affairs

 FAX: 912.260.4447
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Kight, Walda Vice President for External Affairs 260.4274 walda.kight D - Richey Hall
Hancock, Amy External Affairs Coordinator 260.4461 amy.hancock D - Richey Hall
Hereford, Taylor Director of Development and Community Services 449.7511 taylor.hereford W - Administrative Building
Hand, Cathy Alumni Relations Specialist 260.4269 cathy.hand D - Richey Hall
Rudick, Pamela Administrative Assistant/Development and Community Services - Facilities Coordinator (Waycross) 449.7509 pamela.rudick W - Administrative Building
Sears, Courtney Marketing Coordinator 260.4270 courtney.sears D - Richey Hall
Wehmeier, Rebecca Administrative Assistant/External Affairs - Facilities Coordinator (Douglas) 260.4273 becky.wehmeier D - Richey Hall


  Fiscal Affairs
FAX: 912.260.4445
Name Position/Title Phone E-Mail Location
Latham, Mark Vice President for Fiscal Affairs 260.4300 mark.latham D - Richey Hall
Allen, Kristy Accountant 260.4240 kristy.allen D - Richey Hall
Cook, Vicky Purchasing Coordinator 260.4241 vicky.cook D - Richey Hall
Jones, Hannah Student Accounts Specialist 449.7526 hannah.jones W - Admin. Build.
Meeks, Tammie Accounting Assistant - Accounts Payable 449.7525 tammie.meeks W - Admin. Build.
Owens, Diane Controller 260.4242 diane.owens D - Richey Hall
Taft, Nancy Payroll Specialist 260.4238 nancy.taft D - Richey Hall
Usry, Suzanne Sr. Accountant 260.4379 suzanne.usry D - Richey Hall
Wilson, Mildred Accounting Assistant - Cashier 449.7526/7527 mildred.wilson W - Admin. Build.


Human Resources

FAX: 912.260.4445
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Sconyers, Ryan Director of Human Resources 260.4377 ryan.sconyers D - Richey Hall
Corona, Fatima Human Resources Generalist 260.4378 fatima.corona D - Richey Hall
Ross, Donna Human Resources Assistant 260.4369 donna.ross D - Richey Hall


Information and Instructional Technology

FAX: 912.260.4449
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Harper, Jimmy Chief Information Officer 260.4314 449.7541 jimmy.harper D - Richey
W - Admin.Build.
Brantley, Susan Instructional Technology Specialist 449.7537 susan.brantley W - Admin.Build.
Brown, Suzie Coordinator of Application Development 449.7538 260.4320 suzie.brown W - Admin.Build.
D - Richey Hall
Davis, Jayson Systems Analyst 260.4313 jayson.davis D - Richey Hall
Joyner, Lynn Instructional Technology Specialist 260.4316 lynn.joyner D - Richey Hall
Kirkland, John Infrastructure Support Specialist I 260.4319
john.kirkland D - Richey Hall
W - Admin.Build.
Lewis, Annette Network Support Specialist I 260.4318 annette.lewis D - Richey Hall
Rowland, David Coordinator of Technical Services 449.7542 260.4320 david.rowland W - Admin.Build.
D - Richey Hall
Shepherd, Jason Client Support Specialist I 260.4315 449.7541 jason.shepherd D - Richey Hall
W - Admin.Build.


Internal Audit


Name Position/Title Phone Email  
Fell, Chuck Director of Internal Audits 260.4237 chuck.fell D - Thrash Hall



Institutional Effectiveness

FAX: 912.260.4457

Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Sutliff, Dani Director of Institutional Effectiveness 260.4419 dani.sutliff D - Alumni House
Hendrix, Anthony Associate Director of Assessment 260.4436 anthony.hendrix D - Alumni House



SGSC Libraries

912.260.4323 Douglas Campus Library

912.449.7515 Waycross Campus Library

Douglas Campus Library FAX: 912.260.4452

Waycross Campus Library FAX: 912.449.7611

Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Vickers, Jacqueline Director of Libraries 260.4324 jacqueline.vickers D - W. S. Library
Bickford, Rebecca Information Services Librarian 260.4331 rebecca.bickford D - W.S. Library
Crosby, Yolanda Access and Circulation Services Mgr. 260.4335 yolanda.crosby D - W. S. Library
Vickers, Delectia Technical Services/Cataloging Assistant 260.4328 delectia.vickers D - W. S. Library
Williams, Janice Coordinator of Waycross Library 449.7519 janice.williams W - Admin. Build.
Williams, Sharon Administrative and Technical Assistant 449.7514 sharon.williams W - Admin. Build.


Physical Plant

FAX: 912.260.4453
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Newell, Keith Vice President for Operations 260.4301 keith.newell D - Physical Plant
Warren, Daniel  Director of Facilities 449.7534 260.4392  daniel.warren D - Physical Plant            W - Physical Plant
Blount, Rhonda Administrative Assistant 449.7531 rhonda.blount W - Physical Plant
Courson, Bobby Utility Worker II 449.7532 bobby.courson W - Physical Plant
Crews, David Lead HVAC Technician 260.4386 david.crews D - Physical Plant
Hart, Robert Skilled Trades Worker 449.7530 robert.hart W - Physical Plant
Keaton, Lance Electrical Technician 260.4393 lance.keaton D - Physical Plant
Moss, Randy Grounds Supervisor 260.4371 randy.moss D - Physical Plant
Owens, Curtis Lead Custodian 449.7530 curtis.owens W - Physical Plant
Paulk, Lawayne Special Services Supervisor 260.4385 lawayne.paulk D - Physical Plant
Peterson, Randall Lock Office 260.4388 randall.peterson D - Physical Plant
Prescott, Autumn Administrative Assistant 260.4383 autumn.prescott D - Physical Plant
Stone, Mike Maintenance Coordinator 260.4372 mike.stone D - Physical Plant
Williams, Lesa Custodial Services Supervisor 260.4267 melissa.williams D - Physical Plant



FAX: 912.260.4457
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Webster, Valerie F. Director of Planning and Entry Programs 260.4663 valerie.webster D - Thrash Hall


Post Office

FAX: 912.260.4445
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Smith, Loia V. Cashier 260.4239/4243 loia.smith D - Engram Hall



President's Office

FAX: 912.260.4454

Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Thompson-Sellers, Ingrid Interim President 260.4394 ingrid.sellers D - Thrash Hall
Wildes, Linda Administrative Assistant 260.4203 linda.wildes D - Thrash Hall



FAX: 912.260.4455
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Wilkerson, Ame Registrar 260.4463 ame.wilkerson D - Engram Hall
Coates, Jamica Records Coordinator 260.4410 jamica.coates D - Engram Hall
Crews, Lynn Enrollment Services Advisor 449.7503 lynn.crews W - Dye Building
Simmons, Belinda Records Assistant 260.4407 belinda.simmons D - Engram Hall


Student Success

FAX: 912.260.4458
Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
  Vice President for Student Success 260.4293   D - Engram Hall



Waycross Campus Director

FAX: 912.449.7614

Name Position/Title Phone E-mail  
Hereford, Taylor Interim Director of Waycross Campus 449.7511 taylor.hereford W - Administrative Build.