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The Counseling Center

Welcome to the Counseling Center at South Georgia State College (SGSC). The Counseling Center offers a wide range of services and resources designed to help students be successful academically, individually, and socially during their time at SGSC. Counseling services are free and confidential to all enrolled SGSC students.

Mission: To provide short term counseling and support services to meet the personal, social, and educational needs of students enrolled at SGSC.

Confidentiality: All shared information during counseling sessions will be kept confidential. This includes sharing information with the student’s parents, school faculty, staff, friends, etc. If it is important for us to discuss your care with anyone outside of the Counseling Center, written consent is required.
Georgia law outlines a protected relationship between counselors and their clients. This privileged relationship means that clinicians may not reveal or be compelled by law to reveal any communication, observation, assessment, or other information gained as a result of the treatment relationship. Information conveyed to the Counseling Center by someone other than yourself is not considered confidential and may be shared directly with you. Privileged communication between you and your counselor may be waived by a judge in child custody adoption cases, in lawsuits where mental condition is an important consideration, or in criminal lawsuits.

Douglas Campus – Powell Hall, Office 119  Phone – 912.260.4438
Waycross Campus – Dye Building, Office 130  Phone – 912.449.7593

Appointment Information: If you are interested in speaking with someone at the Counseling Center, please complete the Student Referal From below and someone will contact you. Otherwise, to schedule an appointment, please call 912.260.4438 for the Douglas Campus or 912.449.7593 for the Waycross Campus, or you can email us at

Counseling Center - Student Referral Form

Please complete the following information and somone will repsond back to you within 24 business hours. 


In the event of an emergency in which you are unable to reach the Counseling Center, call 911 or the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at 1.800.715.4225, or immediately obtain safe transportation to the nearest hospital emergency room.

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