If you are granted an exemption, any Housing refunds you may be due will be processed by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Likewise, any Meal Plan refunds will be processed by Business Services.

Send any other required forms and documentation to:

South Georgia State College
ATTN: Greg Tanner
Dean of Students
100 West College Park Drive
Douglas, GA 31533

Phone: 912.260.4217; Fax: 912.260.4442

Students should not sign an apartment lease without first receiving exemption approval. The student assumes the risk of being charged for on-campus housing and apartment rent if the exemption is denied. Failure to supply the required supporting documentation within twenty (20) calendar days from the date of this request will automatically result in a denial of exemption.

I have read the Freshman Residency Exemption Form and understand that I am NOT automatically exempt form SGSC's residency requirement.  I understand that written notice will be received whether my request has been approved or denied.  I also understand that if I have already signed a contract and am now trying to move out of on-campus housing, this form does not release me from any amount due for the contract cancellation process clarified in the termination section of my Residence Hall Contract. 

I. Identifying Information

* This request is for what term:

* What year?

* Full Name:
* Phone Number:

II. Current Status - check one response below

* Housing check one:

Meal Plan: Option 1

Meal Plan: Option 2

Meal Plan: Option 3

III. Rational

I am requesting exemption from the Freshman Residency requirement based upon the following circumstances (check all that apply):

21 years of age by the 1st day of the fall semester

Married (must attach a copy of the marriage license)

Caring for a dependent child (must attach a copy of the birth certificate)

Veteran with at least a year of active service (must attach a copy of discharge documents)

30 or more earned credit hours (not including advanced placement)

Dual Enrollment

Enrolled in fewer than 11 credit hours

Medical conditions for which the College cannot achieve reasonable accommodations (condition must be on file with the Office of Student Disability)

Waiver based on extreme hardship (case by case decision)

Claims residency in the following counties: Atkinson, Bacon, Ben Hill, Berrien, Coffee, Irwin, Jeff Davis, Telfair, or Ware (must attach a copy of your driver's license)

Thank you your request is being processed.