Spring 2018 Schedule






Jan. 27 Saturday Sante Fe Douglas, GA


Game 1: L 3-2
Game 2: L 9-2

Jan. 31 Wednesday Tallahassee CC Douglas, GA


L 12-6

Feb. 3 Saturday Tallahassee CC Tallahassee, FL


W 4-3

Feb. 5 Monday Florida St. College of Jax Douglas, GA 3pm
Feb. 6 Tuesday Thomas Univ. Douglas, GA 3pm/DH
Feb. 8 Thursday Florida St. College of Jax Jacksonville, FL 3pm
Feb. 9 Friday

USC Salkahatchie

Postponed due to weather  

New date: Feb. 27 at 2 pm

Douglas, GA 1pm/DH
Feb. 13 Tuesday USC Salkahatchie Allendale, SC


Game 1: W 6-2

Game 2: W 2-1

Feb. 16 Friday St. Johns River CC Douglas, GA 3pm/DH
Feb. 18 Sunday St. Johns River CC Palatka, FL 2pm/DH
Feb. 23 Friday Central Florida CC Ocala, FL 2pm
Feb. 24 Saturday CFCC/Fl Southwestern Ocala, FL 9:30 AM/DH
Feb. 27 Tuesday USC Salkahatchie Douglas, GA 2pm/DH
Mar. 2 Friday Lake Michigan Douglas, GA 6pm
Mar. 3 Saturday Lake Michigan Douglas, GA 1pm/DH
Mar. 6 Tuesday West GA Tech Carrolton, GA 4pm
Mar. 9 Friday West GA Tech Douglas, GA 6pm
Mar. 10 Saturday West GA Tech Douglas, GA 1pm/DH
Mar. 13 Tuesday East GA Swainsboro, GA 3pm
Mar. 15 Thursday East GA Douglas, GA 6pm
Mar. 17 Saturday East GA Douglas, GA 1pm/DH
Mar. 20 Tuesday ABAC Douglas, GA 6pm
Mar. 22 Thursday ABAC Tifton, GA 6pm
Mar. 23 Friday ABAC Tifton, GA 2pm/DH
Mar. 26 Monday West GA Tech Carrolton, GA 1pm
Mar. 28 Wednesday East GA Swainsboro, GA 3pm
Mar. 30 Friday ABAC Douglas, GA 3pm
Apr. 3 Tuesday GA Highlands Douglas, GA 3pm
Apr. 6 Friday GA Highlands Emerson, GA 6pm
Apr. 7 Saturday GA Highlands Emerson, GA 1pm/DH
Apr. 10 Tuesday Andrew Douglas, GA 6pm
Apr. 12 Thursday Andrew Cuthbert, GA 6pm
Apr. 14 Saturday Andrew Cuthbert, GA 1pm/DH
Apr. 17 Tuesday Gordon Barnesville, GA 3pm
Apr. 20 Friday Gordon Douglas, GA 6pm
Apr. 21 Saturday Gordon Douglas, GA 1pm/DH
Apr. 23 Monday Emmanuel JV Douglas, GA 3pm/DH
Apr. 26 Thursday Inspiration Acad. Douglas, GA 3pm/DH
May. 1 Tuesday GA Highlands Douglas, GA 3pm
May. 3 Thursday Andrew Douglas, GA 6pm
May. 5 Saturday Gordon Barnesville, GA 3pm
May.9-11 Wed-Friday Region 17 Tournament Barnesville, GA TBA
May 16-18 Wed-Friday East Central District Tournament TBA TBA

Note: Home games are in bold and yellow highlight.


Printable Spring 2018 Baseball Schedule (updated 2/9/2018)


Head Coach: Jeff Timothy: jeff.timothy@sgsc.edu

770.316.3832 (cell)

Asst. Coach: Stewart Bailey

770.595.9215 (cell)

Asst. Coach: Jerry Stuckey

478.733.0922 (cell)